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Digital Ambient Light Sensor with RGB Sensor

Digital Ambient Light Sensor with RGB Sensor

Published:2021-3-9 21:24:49


Digital Ambient LightSensor with RGB Sensor

(Good TakeInternational Ltd. / Harbin HEG Technology Development Co., Ltd.)

Key words: Digital ambient lightsensor, RGB sensor, Display backlight adjustment

In the last century, LCDtechnology were first used in electronic watches and pocket calculators, and asthey became more widely available in notebook computers. Nowadays, in the newcentury and new era, LCD technology is leading the field of TV. Especially theemergence of smart TV and 8K TV, the future is bright. In addition, our workand life are enriched by more smart electronics, like personal computers,tablet computers, smart phones, smart home appliances and other consumer products,as well as smart watches, smart bracelets, 3D glasses, VR/AR experience devicesand other wearable products. LCD technology has been the core of the high-techor the cool futuristic technology.

Customer first is animportant principle of innovation, service and continuous progress. Thedesigner of the product not only considers the superiority and reliability offunction and structure but also cares about the comfort and habit of the user. Asliquid crystal display not only pursue  high resolution and high definition, but also paymore and more attention to the backlight adjustment function.

Good TakeInternational Ltd. has carried on the thorough research in the aspect and developsa variety of types of backlight adjustment products. Our manufacturingtechnology is excellent, performance is stable and reliable. Recently, thedigital ambient light sensor and RGB sensor are launched by Shenzhen Good Takeindustry trading Ltd.. They have been delivered to many customers and receivedunanimous praise.

So, what kind ofproducts are digital ambient light sensors and RGB sensors?

First, introduce thedigital ambient light sensor. Digital ambient light sensor is a light todigital converter which combines photodiodes, current amplifiers, analog circuitand digital signal processor. Ambient light sensor (ALS) builtin an opticalfilter for IR rejection, and providing a spectrum which is close to the humaneye’s response. ALS can work from dark to direct sunlight, the selectabledetect range is about 40dB. Dualchannel output (human eye), so it hasexcellent light ratio under different light conditions. ALS has excellent lightratio under different light conditions. It has programmable interrupt functionwith high / low threshold.

In general, thedigital ambient light sensor can sense the brightness of the surrounding light,adjust the LCD screen, and meet the needs of the comfort of human eyes better.

The RGB sensor is also color temperature sensor, which senses the color temperature of thesurrounding light, can distinguish the warm or cool tones of light, and adjustthe LCD screen. When these two products are carried in the use of liquidcrystal display, it can be said that give wings to these tigers.

Both of these productsare designed as SMDs, it is the future trend of electronic components. It isnot only small in size, but also powerful in performance, adaptable and stable.Below pictures are two types of 3D models of the products. We believe theseproducts will be increasingly used in intelligent devices.


                             Two types of 3D models of the products

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