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Proximity Sensor and Reflective Induction Switch

Proximity Sensor and Reflective Induction Switch

Published:2021-3-4 15:22:25


Proximity Sensor and ReflectiveInduction Switch

(Good Take International Ltd. / Harbin HEG TechnologyDevelopment Co., Ltd.)

Key words: Proximity sensor, Reflectiveinduction switch, Obstacle recognition

In today's world, scienceand technology and economic development are changing with each passing day. Creativeand ambitious entrepreneurs are leading strivers with aspirations for a betterlife and building great products designed to change the world. We can more andmore clearly feel the experience and freshness that hightech brings to ourlife. Especially in the information age today, the economic and social fieldswill develop towards the direction of intelligence, which makes our work andlife more convenient.

At the same time, themarket trend and customer demand for related hardware products also put forwardhigher requirements. As a leading hightech enterprise in the development ofoptoelectronic products in China, Good Take International Ltd. always walks inthe forefront of the industry, grasps the development direction of theindustry, and constantly innovates and launches products with strongapplicability and reliable quality. It not only makes the traditional infraredproducts bigger and stronger, but also makes in-depth exploration in the fieldof photoelectric application with remarkable achievements.

Recently, Harbin HEGtechnology development Co., Ltd. and Harbin HEG microelectronics technology Co.,Ltd. R&D team developed proximity sensor and reflective induction switchand Shenzhen Good Take industry trading Ltd. will release products and offerhigh-quality service and professional solutions to customers at home andabroad.

Proximity sensor and reflectiveinduction switch can be used for proximity detection, gesture detection andobstacle recognition etc.. They can be widely used in all kinds of homeappliance switch control, intelligent sanitary wares, water fountain proximitydetection, display backlight control, mobile devices, the recognition ofobstacles, such as the perception of the surrounding environment and theplanning of the moving route of sweeping robot. In addition, people/trafficcounting, assembly line such as counting, measuring objects close to theconsumer products and other induction control scenario.

As a optoelectronic device,proximity sensor can be sensitive to ambient light, the light signal isconverted to a digital signal, and detect and perceive objects close to thedevice by using the light reflection principle. It also has strongantiinterference ability. The product is compact and delicate, easy to use,can be directly used in intelligent electrical appliances.

The intelligentinfrared reflective induction switch is an application module. It is controlledby microprocessor (MCU) and can be programmed on line to meet the applicationrequirements and use scenarios of different customers. The product integratesinfrared receiving and sending device, MCU, signal processing unit and outputcontrol unit in one, strong antiphotoelectric interference ability, safe andreliable performance, small size, module size can be customized according tocustomer requirements.

Taking proximitydetection and gesture detection as an example, the intelligent infrared reflectiveinduction switch is divided into cup sensor and gesture sensor. When people usea cup to get close to the water fountain, the product can accurately andintelligently respond according to the distance of the cup. Another example isthe gesture sensor, when people approach the washbasin or the dryer, theproduct can be more sensitive to the proximity of the gesture, timely response,really well.

Of course, theseproducts are increasingly an integral part of our lives, and the more thefuture looks ahead, the more creativity and confidence we can inspire. Thefriends and enterprises who are interested in the proximity sensor and intelligentinfrared reflective induction switch, welcome to exchange and cooperate with usand make progress together.

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