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Goodtake International LTD. was established in Hong Kong since 1992.  Business nature in manufacturing and sales of electronics components.  Major products are fully integrated Infrared Receiver Module, IR emitting diode, Fiber Optic driver/receiver for Digital Audio, Environ Light sensor, Power Light Emitting Diodes & LED Displays.    

 In modern human machine communication, remote control function is a general requirement in consumer electronics, with infrared devices as the key components. Applications cover a wide range of products from TV, VCD, DVD, set top box, digital camera/recorder, air conditioner, audio equipments, electric fan and toys.On the other hand, IR emitters are already using in Home Security Systems for infrared lighting & night vision applications.

Goodtake International LTD is a china leading manufacturer of IR Receiver Module,  IR Receiver Extender Cable, IR Emitters,Visible LED,SMD LED for Lighting,Fiber Optic Module,Optical Switch, Light Sensor,LED Display.

We have two brands, one is GOODTAKE, the other is ABLEIR.

company structurer:

Company development

1. GOODTAKE established in 1992, by J.X.Yang

2. Harbin HEG TECH established in 1998 registered in Harbin as private Hi- tech Corporation. Manufacturing of Opto electronic devices.

3. Production base located in Harbin High Technology Development zone, factory floor area of 18000 sq.meter.

4. Employee of 660, including 83 engineering staffs.

5. Equipped with advance automated machines for Opto devices packing, bonding &testing. PRODUCTION CAPACITY>20KKpcs/month

6. With R&D tea in Harbin. Sales distribution in Shenzhen & Hongkong

7. Registered capital of 50 million RMB (USD6, 25M), corporate assets of 176 million RMB (USD22M)    , and bank trust rated as AA class

Main products

IR Receiver Module| IR Receiver Extender Cable| IR Emitters Visible LED| SMD LED for Lighting Fiber Optic Module Optical Switch| Light Sensor LED Display        

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